How to tie Small, Medium & Large Slow Feeder Net Bags.

  • Fill your bag with hay, then pull rope drawstring tight to close bag.
  • Wrap the rope around a fixed object at ground level, unless your horse is shod, then tie up off the ground.
  • Push the round knot through the loop at the bottom of your bag to secure in place.
  • If you need to hide excess rope to prevent your horse becoming tangled, feed the rope inside the bag before looping to the bottom of the bag.




How to fill and use a Large Square bale bag

  • Sit the square bale on its end, leaning up against something.
  • Place the net over the top and pull down over the bale.
  • Cut and remove twine
  • If you want to scure net wrap rope around a fence post or tyre or net can be placed on the ground.
  • Feed the rope back inside the net through on of the square holes and take it out at the other end and push ball through loop.

How to fit Round Bale Nets

  • To fit your round bale net start by spreading the net over the top and sides of the bale.
  • Once you have stretched it as far as you can then roll the bale over until the bale is on top of the net, then proceed to stretch the net over the sides.
  • Now that the bale is covered by hay saver net it's time to remove the net wrap.
  • Cut the net wrap horizontally across the bale then pull down on both sides.
  • Roll the bale again until the net can be pulled free.
  • To close the net hold the timber handle and pull through all of the rope.

  • Fold the rope in half and in half again, then tie in a knot.
  • Clip all loops into the carabiner, then stuff the rope, handle and carabiner inside the net and clip to the net to prevent it from falling out.