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Whoa Steady Neddy slow feeding hay nets are made from heavy duty 4x4cm or 3x3cm square mesh netting, which is UV treated and has feature heat strengthened knots.This net has been chosen and tested on horses for its durability.

There are a few brands of hay saving nets on the market but you will find ours are unique. We have incorporated specialized knots and handles to make them easier to use and safer for horses too. Our nets are fully enclosed, so ropes will not require adjustment as your horse empties the net.



Advantages of using Hay Saver Nets

  • Slows down consumption by up to 50%
  • Reduces incidence of choke, colic and gut ulcers by providing a constant slow source of food
  • Allows horses to graze keeping them calmer
  • Avoids eye injuries from grass seeds
  • Prevents hay wastage by keeping hay contained
  • Aids in soaking hay for horses with metabolic disorders.
  • Encourage exercise by placing multiple bags around the horses paddock