Our Story


Whoa Steady Neddy started in 2016 when my farrier suggested that I share my hand made nets with other local horse owners, to help ease the shortage of hay during the drought.


With a background in Veterinary Nursing and being the owner of 4 beautiful horses, I was constantly looking for ways to reduce hay waste and prevent health issues in my horses, such as colic, founder and boredom. I was managing 2 ponies who were suffering with cushings, they needed feed constantly but were not able to eat too much. I found slow feeder hay nets and made some for myself.

Before making this into a little business I asked myself "What do I want to achieve from this?" My aim is to make feeding horses easy and enjoyable. I want to make a difference for horses who are suffering from problems related to metabolic disorders or boredom and prevent health issues. I want to share our knowledge and experiences in the animal health industry.


My heart is also with the Brumbies who have become victims of a historical mistake. Thanks to this little business I have been able to re home two Brumbies, a VBA Brumby called Bahloo and Brum.

This year we are sponsoring the Australian Brumby Challenge donating nets to all the trainers in the challenge and also 5% of all sales during the challenge will be donated to the VBA. 


Visit our Facebook page to see our Brumbies "Bahloo" and 'Brum" that we have been able to give a forever home thanks to our customers. 

"There is something special about making things with your hands."